i have a Twitter feed, my name is lady_sasquatch. I am still playing around with it. I like how weirdly strict Twitter is.

More phrases that should be thrown out or revived:

I long for the day when people (usually of the male persuasion) no longer answer emails with “Yup,” and “K.” As Walter Kirn pointed out on Twitter, it is a form of passive aggression that comes off as casual. But I mean really, perhaps write, Okay? Are we losing all our words around here? Did they get left outside in the rain or something?
Also would love to resurrect the phrase “green around the gills” for someone who looks a little sick. I mean, what the heck does that mean? That is why i like it.

I am compiling a list of songs that can’t be covered, or shouldn’t be. Here is one beauty.

paraphrase from Law and Order about a certain kind of narcissistic personality, ‘the more drama they create around them, the calmer they become.’ Of course Vincent D’Onofrio delivers the line. What a lovely man to have spouting psychology on Netflix, striking screen person.
Once I said to Wm. Steven Humphrey when we were working together at The Stranger “Sometimes there is nothing better than an episode of Law and Order and a glass of white wine.”
He said, “I prefer Urkel and crack myself.”

This Prince song and this John Donne poem are totally connected in my mind, because of the image of people in love waking up

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street jamming for ten minutes. OK maybe things were better back in some other day. This would be one indication.

Restless leg syndrome could rescue us from being boring people.

Here’s a PDF from Black Clock Magazine of an article I wrote about Donnie Darko genius director Richard Kelly. The issue’s theme was “The Lost Movies of the Imagination” — Movies that were never made but should have been, or movies that were made but never seen or understood. The title, “Have a Nice Apocalypse,” is from the film Southland Tales.

Poet Marvin Bell, I cannot source this line, I just remember him reading it. He had been teaching small children:   “A child said it, and it seemed true, ‘all things lost are equal.’   But it isn’t true.”

Happy Birthday, Calvin Johnson.

I found this ancient video, and sent it to people I know who are writing books. It seems we all stopped writing our books and had a good laugh.

Phrases from television and tech world that need to be taken out into a field and, well, you know the rest:

“It is what it is”

“Everything happens for a reason”

“The Cloud”

“Like me on  (name your social media setting)….. ”  This one reminds me of the boy who says I really LIKE you.


Phrase of the day, from my gas station pump: “Receipt desired?”

Line of the day, from Fiona Apple, “That’s why the devil can’t get around me.”

Found this footage of Attica prison riots, based around memoir of William Kunstler, and this piece of reported news, wild for its language. Perhaps it is a sign of my state of mind that the show OZ and the movie Dog Day Afternoon made me realize I had never really studied the actual riot.

Well I just found my grandmother singing opera on You Tube. In this news section, this is news. Stop the presses, please.

A friend speculated — what could be an original DJ style at this point? Maybe play the song over and over, EXACTLY the same?  So he is the one who got me going on the idea of the same song, different speeds: Here is TLC Creep very blurry on the telly. versus an audio of Afghan Whigs covering it — grunge kings at some point in the grunge, amazing voice, Mr. Dulli. The song should be an anthem for liars in love affairs.

Soon all Seattle liquor stores will shut down. The employees at 23rd and Union  are melancholy and spooked.  One guy has worked there 25 years. Now Bartell’s is applying for a liquor license. Does that mean people can fill their benzo prescriptions and buy booze at the same time? Oh dear.

Two versions of Talking Heads Naive Melody — Arcade Fire and MGMT. Two later generations attached to this same 80s melody because a true song attaches itself to random, future people.

Please bear with me, my site went down and all my old news with it, so I am reconstructing this page.